The Great and Old Synagogues

Jews have been living in Pilsen region since the 14th century. During the centuries there have been five Synagogues in Pilsen, only two of which have been preserved and exist today - The Old Synagogue, which is located in the courtyard of the houses in Smetana´s Parks (originally there used to be a Jewish school too, but now  in its place you can find an unusual memorial to holocaust victims) and the Great Synagogue.

The Great Synagogue was built in Moorish-Romanesque style in 1893. It is the third largest synagogue in Europe (and the fiftth biggest in the world). It is evidence of the rich Jewish community in Pilsen, which was unfortunately almost all anihilated during the Nazi occupation in years 1939 – 1945. The historical building was renovated at the end of the 20th century and,  as well as for religious purposes, it also serves as a concert and exhibition hall due to its excellent acoustics and a unique atmosphere.

The newly reconstructed Great Synagogue is located in a walking distance from the Old Synagogue. It is hidden in the courtyard nearby Smetana´s Parks, so it can be easily missed but it is really worth visiting

Tours of the Great Synagogue interiors

The Old Synagogue Tours

Velká synagoga v Plzni patří mezi vůbec největší synagogy na světě.