Loos interiors


Guided Tours of the Loos Interiors

Since the beginning of this touristic season the city of Pilsen offers another of its touristic sights which will attract more visitors to Pilsen – the guided tours of the apartment interiors created by the world-famous architect Adolf Loos. Four of the more than ten impressive creations based on the design by Adolf Loos which are located in Pilsen can be visited also outside the main touristic season, the guided tours are provided every Thursday and Saturday. The first two guided tours are opened since April and since then they have been visited by more than one thousand people. The third guided tour, which takes its visitors into the object of the partly reconstructed Semler Villa, is opened since November 12th.

The first guided tour of the Loos Interiors takes the tourists in two of the famous interiors. Apart from the former apartment of the Kraus family in 10 Bendova Street, they can also visit the former apartment of Dr Josef Vogel in 12 Klatovska Street. From this apartment a dining room and a salon were preserved. The second guided tour introduces a spacious two-generation apartment of the Brummel House in 58 Husova Street. The reconstruction of this object was finalized in the spring 2015. The last of the opened guided tours offers a visit to the first reconstructed part of the Semler Villa in 110 Klatovska Street.

Although all the interiors were designed by Adolf Loos or they were created based on his design, each of them carries its own very specific and unique features. All of them are definitely worth visiting. During the main touristic season the guided tours are provided every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday several times a day during the selected times. Outside the main touristic season, from November to March, the guided tours are provided only on Thursday and on Saturday.

  • The tickets can be bought in advance in the Tourist Information Centre in the Republic Square or online here. More information can be found at

With regard to the fact that the Loos Interiors are located in the upper parts of the town houses which were constructed at the end of the 19th century, the guided tour is not barrier-free and therefore it is not suitable for persons with limited ability to move. 

Guided Tour Nr. 1: The Guided Tour of the Kraus´ Apartment and the Vogel´s Apartment (10 Bendova and 12 Klatovska Street)

In the former apartment of the Kraus´ family in 10 Bendova Street there is a spectacular salon and dining room preserved with the opposite located mirror walls. This effect creates an optical illusion of infinity of the space. The rooms are covered by dark-green marble stone which even more encourages the magic atmosphere of the room.  The visitors can also see the practically equipped bedroom which features original in-built wardrobes and bedside table.

After finishing the guided tour in 10 Bendova Street, the visitors are taken to the house in 12 Klatovska Street which is located only 400 metres away from the house in 10 Bendova Street. Here the tourists enter the salon and the dining room of the former apartment of Dr Vogel. In both rooms you can see the original in-built furniture and luxurious wooden and marble wall covers.  After the reconstruction the rooms were equipped by the exact replicas of the original furniture so that the visitors can truly feel the atmosphere of the apartment at the time when the Vogel´s lived there. 

  • Entrance fee: full price 230 CZK, reduced price 170 CZK

Guided Tour Nr.2: The Guided Tour of the Brummel House (58 Husova Street)

The Brummel House is the best preserved object featuring design by Adolf Loos. The house belonged to Jan and Jana Brummel and it is located in 58 Husova Street. Adolf Loos designed the reconstruction of the house which added an extended new part to the already existing house. The entire house was recreated and provided great place for purposeful living.  

The house including a part of the original furnishing ranks among the most beautiful creations by Adolf Loos in Pilsen. The visitors will be taken into five rooms of the former two-generation apartment. 

  •  Entrance fee: full price 390 CZK, reduced price 300 CZK

Guided Tour Nr.3: The Guided Tour of the Semler House (110 Klatovska Street)

The most famous feature used by Adolf Loos in his designs is so called raumplan. Nevertheless, of all the installations in Pilsen this feature can be found only in the house in 110 Klatovska Street. The interiors in the house were designed for Oskar and Jana Semler by Adolf Loos’ colleague and follower Heinrich Kulka. The principle of raumplan brings positioning of the various rooms within the house area differently into levels rather than into individual floors.

Recently, the house including the interior belongs to the Gallery of West Bohemia in Pilsen which plans to use the space of the house as a documentary centre for architecture  of the 19th and 20th century in the Pilsen region.

  • Entrance fee: full price 170 CZK, reduced price 130 CZK