Techmania Science Centre

Techmania Science Center

Scientific shows, brain teasers, demonstrations of experiments, classical and interactive exhibitions, unexpected experiments, unusual workshops and in addition, a high-tech planetarium in Pilsen Scientific Centre Techmania in any weather will persuade all the family or a school class that science is not only science, but it can bring a lot of fun. A part of the complex, which is located in the former industrial hall and canteen of the premises of Pilsen Škoda Works, is a car park and a restaurant. Techmania offers an amusing discovery for all the family throughout the day.

In an area larger than 7 500 m2  you may measure your strength compared with representatives of the animal kingdom or you may reassure yourselves that physics can be fun. You can also see Entropa, a controversial sculpture made by David Černý or you can participate in the 150 years history of industry in Pilsen region. The exhibition dedicated to renewable energy sources will show you aspects of nature , which affect our technical world. In Edutorium you will be able to try out yourself basic physical laws, which you may know only from the textbooks.  You will discover the secrets of optics or learn what is going on in a vacuum. A current offer of exhibitions and programme can be found at

3D Planetarium

Due to the most advanced and latest 3D technologies Pilsen Planetarium  is one of the best facilities of its kind in Europe.  Scientific centres in Barcelona and Warsaw are the only other places in Europe that may offer a similar experience from technically perfect projection. The whole family can travel in  space faster than light. You can see about 160 thousand stars, or via data of the American satellite NOAA, you can watch facebook darkness fall  over China and Northern Korea. A wide range of films will take you to visit the Moon. Also you will be able to discover the story of Earth from its beginning and enjoy cartoons for children.

In the Planetarium building you must not forget to visit the interactive exhibition Space. There, by using the gyroscope, you can experience for yourself  the feeling of overload, when a space rocket starts, or  you can find out that manipulation with the robotic arm is not easy at all. Without any fear you can try to unleash a tornado, cause a vulcanic eruption or launch a rocket.

Before you go to 3D Planetarium, we recommend you to book the tickets to a particular film at, where more information can be found.

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 am- 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am -7:00 pm
  • Sunday, public and national holidays:10:00 am - 6:00 pm


  • Exhibitions: CZK 180 (adults), CZK 110 (children, students, senior citizens), family ticket  CZK 470
  • 2D projection in planetarium: CZK 180 (adults), CZK 110 (children, students, senior citizens), family ticket  CZK 470
  • 3D projection in planetarium: CZK 160 (adults), CZK 110 (children, students, senior citizens) family ticket CZK 430
  • Annual season ticket: CZK 660 (adults), CZK 360 (children, students, senior citizens), family ticket CZK 1680